One photo for each month of 2013:

January, in Chiapa de Corzo, Mexico:20130120-JBK56267

February in Oaxaca, Mexico:20130217-L8278789

March in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico:20130331-SLIM0198

April on the road in Guatemala:20130417-IMG_0498

May on the beach in El Salvador:20130509-IMG_1150

June on a ferry in Lake Nicaragua:20130617-JBK53782

July in San José, Costa Rica:20130705-L8279284

August in Panama City, Panama:20130817-L8279447

September in the south of Colombia, near the border with Ecuador:20130920-JBK56838

October in Salinas, Ecuador:20131027-L8279673

November on the road in Peru:20131118-JBK57924

December on a bus in Buenos Aires:20131225-L1022093

12 photos for 2013 - posted

After the seven months in Mexico, we slowly kept driving south. It has now been four months in Central America, and here is a small gallery of the photos I took, all of them previously published here.

Four months in Central America - posted

Another little gallery. I took these photos in December in Mexico city. Processed (overprocessed?) on the ipad with Snapseed.

Bulls - posted

This has always been a regular photoblog, in which I post one photo per day or so. But since I installed WordPress a while back, there’s no reason not to make longer posts. So here is one.

I am in a long trip down the Americas, and the first stage was seven months in Mexico. I figure that this would be a good time to post a little portfolio of twenty four photos made during this time. All these have been posted in Water Molotov before, so if you are a regular you might have seen them already. In any case, here they are.

(Update: I added this gallery to my regular galleries, here:

Seven months in Mexico - posted