• Anonymous

    mhmmm, how simple yet how telling! It is the despair of realization that the sky is empty – there is no fatherly gentleman or opulent and generous grandmother watching over us. What a beautiful depiction of the human condition. Yet, the photo itself is so bare. It works on so many levels. I am delighted.

  • jbuhler

    Thanks, oh anonymous and eloquent commenter :)

    I like this sculpture very much. Adam leaving paradise, in the Jardin des Tuileries. There is no face in the sculpture, and all the despair is depicted with his body language.

    I have no idea who the sculptor is–Google hasn\’t helped.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I have seen the sculpture before, standing there in the gardens it seemed excessive with blatant pathos. I haven\’t seen it through your mind\’s eye, till now.

  • izzy

    great shot!

  • marie

    somehow it enhances the statue\’s \”mood\” (?) absolute piece of art

  • simple and powerful

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