• Luisa

    This is the best photo I have ever seen of the "encierros". You were very lucky to catch the hand on the horn, composition is very clean with the bulls in the forefront and men in the background, and the movement feeling is perfect.

    Viva San Fermín!!

  • yz

    excellent action photo, almost like a painting, bravo!

  • emud

    Such a powerful image. Bravo indeed! Btw, how do you like the 1D compared with M8?

  • Thanks all. Emud: The 1D was a loaner, just to shoot the bulls in machine gun mode. It's great for this and it almost feels like I could defend myself against a bull with it. But too heavy, i wouldn't think of carrying it around for a whole day while shooting pics in the street.

  • Luisa

    How I understand you, Juan! I used to shoot with a 5D and 24-70mm, and since I bought an M8 I have completely forgot the Canon.

  • Brian

    Whoa! He does color! And what color this is…

  • simon

    Brian color, others before color, Simon color, everybody color, but Juan…: no!


    An artist is an artist.


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