• jill

    you\’re on a plane now; away from la.

    and what an absolutely perfect image to capture yesterday.

    see you in a couple…..

  • Stellar! Speechless…

  • dahart

    what an abysmal travel-and-meeting to picture-taking ratio! looks like you made the most of it anyway, this is a great shot.

  • I hope you had a good time in LA– that\’s a wonderful street photo. Just classic.

  • Fantastic!

  • jeeff

    you nailed it.

  • hool

    this is really great. nailed it from the hip. great waiting and reaction. the magazine and the sign line are perfect. this image is so full.

  • andrew lee

    great capture.

  • andrew lee

    and perfect timing, i wanted to add.

  • simon

    worth your flight!my alltime preferate.VITALITY&JOY! the skinny making stripes are perfect4feeling great. who cares about the cut-off arm and the street-lamp on the head. GREAT SHOT, JUAN worth the flight!HELL

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