• Legabal

    A incredible shot. I like.

  • Rock

    I want to play! What a great bubble.

  • sinnick

    I\’d love to know what film you used here. The tones are terrific. Great exposure

  • jbuhler

    No film–I shoot with a Pentax istD. I think in Tri-X, though :)

  • conspi

    Really impressive shot.


  • Marina

    Great shot!

  • Kaushik Saha

    Really nice! Reminds me of a similar picture by William Klein of children playing with bubbles in Japan.

  • This is an amazing shot! It\’s awesome how you can see a little reflection on the bubble.

  • Nothing need be said here. The number of comments already speaks for itself. One thing, though: I like the figure of the woman in the background captured w/in the bubble.

  • iulia

    I keep comming back to this. One of my favourites:)

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