Budapest, 2005
I am not too sure about this one. I think it works in color, not so sure about B&W

Here is the color version.

Budapest, 2005 - posted


  • paul

    I love it! I love the interaction, or lack thereof, of these people. You really captured a moment.

  • micki

    You stumble across the most interesting scenes! A perfect moment captured.

    The colors really pop in your other version, but this works great in b&w!

  • Luisa

    Hi, I clearly prefer the B/W, perhaps I am used to your style, but colour version is too brilliant, too saturated.

  • i think they both work quite good.

    interestingly i think it works better on color

  • Joao

    This is great,love the face of the old woman and the contrast it makes with the kid.

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