• Lovely moment Water

  • marc

    Wow… now that\’s a nice capture. Such a great moment! Top props!

  • Rock

    Great moment, beautiful lighting, fine image.

  • UncaMikey

    Just lovely.

  • Jay

    Exquisite. The lighting is heavenly -such a tender moment.

  • mattb

    great stuff jbuhler!

  • I kept cming back to this picture. The focus is exceptional, the lighting perfect.

    Oddly, the picture seems to be shot in glorious technicolour because of the intense shading, yet colour would hugely detract from the subject matter.

    Doesn\’t it just remind you of those times when you\’re so focused on your loved one that everythng else just seems to fade into the distance?

    This is one of those pictures that has many meanings – Are they about to depart on seperate journeys? Are they in a tender embrace? Is the male comforting the female?

    Why is this picture so sad I wonder?

    The two are obviously oblivious to the business around them – and the business oblivious to their focused moment.

    This is a beautiful piece.

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