About me

I was born in a small town in Argentina, and studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Buenos Aires.

In 1996 I moved to California to pursue a career in computer graphics and special effects. I have credits on films like Brave, Toy Story 3, Wall-E, Ratatouille, Madagascar, Shrek, Shrek 2 and Antz.

In the meantime, I started doing street photography. I had several shows in the Bay Area, and was accepted to Barnstorm XX, the Eddie Adams Workshop, in 2007. My photoblog, “Water Molotov”, has been online since early 2005, and I post a new photo there every day.


2002 – Street Photographs. Pierotti Pavilion Gallery, San Francisco. (solo)

2003 – Street Photography by Juan Buhler, Anja Ditsmarch Gallery, San Francisco. (solo)

2003 – Pont des Arts. Cafe, San Francisco. (solo)

2004 – Farewell. Private show with David Hart.

2006 – Street, Anja Ditsmarch Gallery, San Francisco. (solo)

2007 – Gente de mi Ciudad. Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires. (solo)

2009 – Street Photos. Pierotti Pavilion Gallery, San Francisco. (solo)

2011 – Street Posters. Public Works Gallery, San Francisco. (solo)

2011 – En Vía Pública. The Private Space Gallery, Barcelona. (with Calle 35)

2011 – Calle 35, at Visa Off, Perpignan, France. (with Calle 35)

2012 – La calle es nuestra, VII Biennal de Fotografía Xavier Miserachs, Palafrugell. (with Calle 35)

2013 – Miami Street Photography Festival. (with Calle 35)


Public Life – http://www.public-life.org

Calle 35 – http://www.calle35.com